Green House Crest Snake Wizard School Wax Seal

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Add some magic to your mail with these beautiful hand poured Wax Seals! Weather you're decorating your mail, creating a one of a kind item, or decorating a scrapbook, these wax seals are perfect for you! Add to invitations, scrapbooks, craft projects, etc. (see store for other wax seals, including house crests)

Each seal is hand poured by me out of real wax. They come ready to use. There is an easy peel & stick self adhesive backing (as shown in photos).

Having a party to celebrate your favorite witch or wizard? Making a scrapbook of your visit to theme park? Creating a craft item for yourself or a fan?

These wax seals are a magical addition to invitations, party décor, scrapbooks, craft projects or more. I also have the other house seals in a separate listing.

If you are mailing this, I recommend gluing it down as well (you can always peel the 'sticker' part off) so it doesn't get mishandled. However, I have mailed these just fine without the wax seals coming off when adding a 'non machinable' stamp to the letters.

Wax seals are made by me this way: melt wax in a pot, pour out some wax and press the seal into the wax. Once it dries I peel the wax seal off and add the adhesive backing to it! Because of this method, every seal is different. The sizes and shapes can be slightly off. If you have a specific look you're going for, please contact me to customize!

Size is approximately: 1.25" round

I have other colors to choose from too. This includes: red, metallic red, yellow, blue, green, bronze, silver, gold, and more. If you have a different color in mind, just let me know!