Upcycled Holiday Jean Pocket Decorations | Polar Bear

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Made from upcycled jean pockets, these adorable guys are perfect for your holiday festivities! They're the perfect size to hang on a wall, doorknob, from a cabinet, bedpost, and more! Each one is handmade and no two pockets are exactly alike! The one you're looking at includes a pocket decorated with various flat back and miniatures. The inside has a stuffed polar bear in a red cap and sweater that reads 'merry Christmas'. Various greens and berries are behind the bear to give it a wintery vibe. Total Sizes: Pocket Height: 4.5 inches total Height (not including string): 11 in Width: 4.5 in These can be custom made and designed just for you! Don't forget to check out our other listings. We have gnomes, snowmen, red trunks, owls, scarecrows and more in these recycled pocket creations!