Wizard School Bank Set | Blind Bag | Surprise Bags

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Any wizard of good standing has an account at the Goblin bank! This bank is said to be guarded by a dragon in its depths, to ensure all your treasures are safe. This handmade set of Wizarding World Bank goodies includes: - A Drawstring bag with the bank's logo on it in Heat Transfer Vinyl (Not mass printed like some) - A Deposit Slip - A ticket - A vault key with attached tag *style of key may vary* - A die cut sticker of the Wizarding Bank's Logo. - Three Wizard Coins: A Gold Galleon, Silver Sickle, and Bronze Knut. These are the only thing not handmade by me , but are diecast and have a great weight to them. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! We also do custom designs and orders as well. Acceptance Letters coming soon!