Wizard Map Plaque | Stained Wood

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How do you get around a magic wizard school where the staircases move, portraits talk, and secret passage ways lie in abundance? With a magic map of course! The Marauders Map was created by four friends who were students of the famous magic school. It can show where anyone is located in the school as well as all the secret paths you can take. This Plaque was made to replicate the front cover of the Marauders Map.

Made of sturdy wood, this plaque is stained a red-brown color with white permeant vinyl for the main logo details and white hand painted accent details. A picture style hanger hook is on the back so you can hang it on any nail!

The Plaque is approximately 12 x 9 x 0.75 inches

Hang in your Bar, Tattoo Parlor, Pub, Man Cave, Bedroom, Living Room, Store, Dorm, etc. for a touch of magic!