Wizard School House Crest Chalkboard

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Countdown to your Universal Wizarding World Vacation with this cute chalkboard sign! Use to keep track of important information, for school work, or a menu! Lots of options for these chalkboards! There are a few options to pick from.

The first has a silhouette a popular wizard school logo along with the Words "Days Until -----". The rest of styles include the silhouette of the wizard school's house crests in their signature colors with the words "Days Until ------" as well in white.

Words can be changed to "Days until Universal" Or other custom words as requested. ~ 8.25 x 5.25 inch chalkboard with a vinyl design.

Fully customized countdown boards are available. Send us a message to order! Most come personalized at no additional cost.

Each sign is handmade so there may be some differences between boards or slight imperfections - as is the nature of all handmade products. Colors may vary slightly.